Al Badie Group- One Of The Famous Groups In Abu Dhabi And Dubai

There are large numbers of groups we see in our day to day life, but ABG is very different. How it is different from others? Well, there are various reasons for that and the prime one is- Mr. Khaled.

Yes, he is the Vice President and CEO of the group and well versed with extreme talent, business know-how and experience which we can’t find in anybody else. This renowned personality has also worked with other various companies and helped in transforming their businesses from good to the best. He is very well known to all and the Al Badie group is actually fortunate to have this amazing business idol to run business.

Talking about the group, it is very famous and well-established group in the UAE and was founded and owned by the Al Badie family. We can easily see various family oriented businesses and groups, but this is very famous as it is continuously running since 1967 and working so well. This is all about the hard work and great dedication the group has got from all the family members and later it has recruited various teams of the experts to run it successfully.

Mr. Khaled Al Badie is the turning point of the group as once he has entered the group, the group has emerged so well. He has done various reforms for the group, attended various national and international meetings, went with great collaborations and other lots of things via which the group is holding the best position which is hard for others.

Khaled Al Badieis a true icon for the group as well as ideal for various youths who are just ready to make up the best career and would like to attain great success.

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