Al Badiegroup And Its Hotels And Hospitality Facilities

ABG is very famous, thus, it is something unavoidable to all. This group is very famous for its great quality and types of services it regularly offers to the people of the United Arab Emirates. As it is the oldest group and Mr. Khaled is the vice president and CEO of the group, it is the obvious reason why the group is very successful.

Talking about its hotels and hospitality sector, it is actually very famous in all around the world due to its unique and excellent services. The Al Badie has introduced the Rotana hotel management corporation in 1992 and it has opened its first property in Abu Dhabi in the year 1993. Since then it was recognized as the top class hotel and today it is the leading hotel management companies inmiddle-East and North Africa. The corporation is all about offering ultimate accommodation facilities and to give this they have opened various suites, villa accommodation, guestrooms, apartments and various other properties, where one can easily expect the world class best living.

Al Badie group is always very famous for its great work and fine approaches and that is why it is growing day by day. Upto 2012, it has developed around 67 companies and the list is increasing day by day. Mr. Khaled Al Badie today is the backbone of the group who is always there to guide the company so well and that is why all thegroup of companiesis working so well. Apart from this, his tactics, working methodologies and everything else one can expect is the best and that is the reason how the group and the companies are able to get lots of popularity and good reputation.

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