Khaled Al Badie – A Great Inspiration For The Youth

There are few or more people who have earned lots of reputation and are considered the youth icon. It is not easy to clinch the position of the youth icon as it really needs to work hard, play smartly and without any negative working they just perform good work.

It doesn’t mean if anybody holds the top position he has earned the reputation. Well, there are various things behind this and that we can easily know by checking out the life of Khaled Al Badie. Today, he is enjoying the top most position of the group as well as the group is working so well in every sector from hospitality to health, insurance, marine and various others, which can’t be compared to any other business.

Mr. Khaled has reached here not because he owns the company, but because of his great academic history, the experience, the communication, smart work and the best one is- his ultimate dedication for the business.

He is not only serving to the ABG (Al Badie group) only, because of his extraordinary work, today he is a part of other various sectors, likebanking and other financial investment niche. If we talk about his position in the banking sector, he was with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) and held numerous positions from head of the asset management group to the secretary of the board of directors, deputy general manager of the investment banking division and various others.

Al Badie is actually shining day by day and all credit goes to Mr. Khaled who really deserves to become the youth icon as well as to grab various awards and achievements which he is actually getting.

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