Khaled Al BadieAnd The ABG Group

We can easily find different types of groups around us, but some are very popular. Here we will talk about one of the best and oldest groups of UAE, which has faced various challenges and by that also it has earned the top-notch position.

The Al Badie group is actually very famous and it is something known to all in UAE as well as other part of the world. It was established in 1967 and from that period of time worked with many people to flourish the business. The group is very well known to all and founded by the Al Badie family, which is well-known, well-reputed, and a multi-discipline group located in The United Arab Emirates.

The group was successfully ran by various famous and skilled people, but Khaled Al Badie was very different. He is a person from today’s generation and very well knows what to offer to the people in order to encourage their sales and profit. His approaches, working methodologies, business connections and ideas are completely different and that is why he is here known to all. Mr. Khaled is currently serving the group as the vice president and CEO, as well as he holds other various respectable and top-notch positions and performs various important roles all alone.

Al Badie group is actually very fortunate to have Mr. Khaled as he is the who know very well how to run business easily and that is offering total satisfaction to the people. He also has positions with various banks and financial companies, including- NBAD along with other financial institution just because of his years of experience and skills. He is serving positions like: Head of the asset management group, the secretary of the board of directors, deputy general manager of the investment banking division and various others.

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