Mr. Khaled Al Badieand Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company

The Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company is a very famous insurance company working under the ABG. This is a company where ABG is the main shareholder, and has got great reputation in the market and working successfully from past various years now. It is being a major shareholder and managing ample of insurance solutions ranging from car insurance to health, transportation and various others.

It offers the best schemes to various companies and individuals via which anybody can expect great protection and money at the time of need. Khaled Al Badie is the VP and CEO of the group and he is monitoring the business very well in order to make it very productive. The very first aim this insurance company has is to make the best plan which actually gives benefits to all who opt the same. And due to this, various organizations, individuals and others have joined it up for high quality results.

Khaled Al Badie is the best in managing the firm and that is why its insurance along with other businesses are working well and improved ultimate sales graph. As said that the group prime aim is to satisfy their clients, however, they make every possible thing in order to offer the best. Not only general insurance, the company offers commercial level insurance plans, like-oil and gas industry, aviation insurance for fixed and rotor wing aircraft, engineering and construction projects and various others which are actually very huge.

Al Badie group is still in the market and competing with other groups of companies so well because of the best action plans, however, it is a good idea to be a part of this and to know more about the group along with the professionals for great motivation.

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