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The Al Badie Group of companies is owned by the Al Badie family and a well established firm which doesn’t need any introduction. Yes, this group is a well-established, reputed, as well as it is multi-discipline group based in the United Arab Emirates.

It is often called by the name of the oldest group as it was founded before the foundation of the UAE, in 1967.  That was the point where the family members of the Al badie, which was very few at that time worked together and made the group very popular. At that time, there were few families, who have participated from day one, in the development of the country and the nation with the mode of the personal investments along with the development and creation of consortiums of co-investors. Mr. khaledAl Badie is the vice president of the group and working greatly in order to get great success and goodwill.

As per the current record, the Group is flourishing very well with the 1000-plus employees who are dynamically taking part in managing all the businesses under the group. There are various businesses, which are flourishing day by day under the group ranging from Property Development to Water and Electricity, Oil and Gas, Defence Projects, IT, Marine, Auto Leasing & Rental, Finance, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Manufacturing, and various others.

With the help of the Khaled Al Badie Dubai, the group is determined to strengthen business relations with carefully selected international firms. It also believes in working sophistically and logically for the people and clients satisfaction is the aim. There are various plans and programs which time to time launch so that the employees and other people related to the same can easily assure to perform things uniquely just to offer ultimate results in NO TIME and this is the only reason of its success.

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The Basic Facts Of Khaledal Badie http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/the-basic-facts-of-khaledal-badie/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/the-basic-facts-of-khaledal-badie/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 08:11:01 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1123 Continue reading ]]> The Basic Facts Of Khaledal Badie

Albadie travel agency is one of the very famous travelling agency in UAE. Additionally, it is one of the top five travelling agency in UAE and working so well to offering ultimate happiness and results to all the national and international clients.  It is the most important part of the Al badie group and was founded in 1980 just to meet the requirements of the people who would like to visit to UAE for a perfect holiday.

Talking about its itinerary it is always planned as per the convenience of the people and yes they have already made and customized itinerary to offer to the clients for a perfect result. Al Badie is all about the best group which is here to offer wide range of services to the people in various domains and industries.

Talking about the policies of the Albadie travel agency it is very much committed to indentifying the customer needs and always work in fulfilling them by offering them correct solutions. Not only this, it is all about monitoring customer responses and accordingly they make up the best plan and incorporate them in making the best business strategy. It is the best quality of the Al Badie group along with the albadie travel that it always focuses in defining the individual and collective accountabilities. Also, whatever documenting processes they will do it will ensure zero defect, however, we can say that they always work in the best possible manner without committing any defects.  Also, it evaluates the performance all the time in order to go with the continuous improvements.

khaledAl Badie has made the best group which is perfect in all the senses and offers great services, whether it is all about insurance, construction, real estate and travelling.

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The Basic Facts Of Al Badie Group http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/the-basic-facts-of-al-badie-group/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/the-basic-facts-of-al-badie-group/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 08:08:45 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1122 Continue reading ]]> Al Badie is not a small name, even it is more than we expect to have. This group has seen many years of success now and planning to be a part of the same years to come. This is the group which is running by the popular professionals, like- Mr. Khaled, who is the vice president of the group as well as there are various other top level management delegates work in a better way to uplift the group and take to the next level.

When it comes to investing and tying up with any company, the best management always makes the best ever decision in order to get ultimate help and support. Yes, this is the only thing which is making the Al Badie very successful and that is why it is joining by most of the people, enterprises and various others.

Talking about the Al Badie group, this is the oldest group and founded in 1967 in UAE. Even, at that point of time UAE wasn’t founded, however, it is very popular group can be called. This is the group which is running various businesses from oil and gas to travelling, insurance, construction, real estate and the list is very long. The business of the same group is not limited with the UAE only, but it has opened businesses with the joint venture in other various popular countries.

khaledAl Badie is the most successful family as when the group was founded there was a few members in the family, but today it has more than 5000 employees and other business partners, running the whole group successfully. It is becoming a giant group day by day and all because of the best professionals, skills and working authentically.

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The Al Badie Group Diaries http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/the-al-badie-group-diaries/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/the-al-badie-group-diaries/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 08:06:14 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1121 Continue reading ]]> The Al Badie Group Diaries

Mr. Khaled is the vice president and director for Al Badie group and as per his best knowledge, skills and decision making process everything is working so well. The group was actually founded in 1967 and from that point of time to now, everything is changed, become very productive and successful.

Talking about its insurance company- AL AIN AHLIA INSURANCE COMPANY, it is working so well and offering ultimate plans by covering each and every sector from marine to health, aviation, engineering and others. Mr. khaledAl Badie is the director and the vice president of the group and he is focusing on the same just to increase the size of the business and make it more productive for everybody.

The insurance company is offering motor insurance policy, where they deal with the -motor comprehensive, bodily injury, property damage, orange card scheme, personal accident cover and various others. Their plans are the best to go and fully cover everything to meet the expectations of all. Apart from motor, its engineering insurance policy covers all the constructions projects which are undertaken and commencing with the advancement of technological know-how. It covers everything from contractors all risks, third party liability, machinery breakdown insurance, contractors plant and equipment insurance and various others.

Mr. Khaled Al Badie Dubai also deals with the health and life insurance policy which is very essential for anybody. Yes, the team motivated people to be a part of the same and fully covered with everything to avoid risks. There insurance plans under health and life are many, including- individual life insurance, medical insurance, group life assurance and various others. Similarly, the insurance company works with the aviation, marine, and other various sectors just to give support to the companies at the time of risks and damage. For more information, better visit to the official website suggested over here.

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Khaledal Badie- Vice Chairman Of Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/khaledal-badie-vice-chairman-of-al-ain-ahlia-insurance-company/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/khaledal-badie-vice-chairman-of-al-ain-ahlia-insurance-company/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 08:03:38 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1120 Continue reading ]]> Khaledal Badie- Vice Chairman Of Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company

Few names are very popular, not because of their position, but their ultimate work. Here we are going to talk about Mr. Khaled who is the vice chairman of Al Ain Ahila Insurance company as well as vice president of the Al Badie group. He is actually very famous, just because his ultimate work, strategies and business sense are completely amazing and they are the reason why he and his group is progressing so well.

Mr. khaledAl Badie is really proud to be a part of the Al Badie group as this is considered the oldest group which was founded before the UAE actually founded. Yes, its incorporation is done in 1967 in UAE and since then it is getting great growth by working for the people dedicatedly. Under the group various businesses are working, like- Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company, Arabian fleet services, Al badie travel agency, and various others which all are working very successfully. The group is looking to launching more and more businesses as well as would like to cover almost all the international market for developing nation and the group.

Mr. Khaled Al Badie Group has completed his education from The George Washington University and there only he has learnt all the skills and knowledge on how to be the best leader. Yes, his education was top-notch as the same university is really very popular and offered great leaders to the society. The George Washington University is all about perfect and high level study and Mr. Khaled has studied all the best moves and knowledge, which he has implemented in progressing many businesses.

It is very important to know more about this famous personality and it is always better to know more about Mr. Khaled by visiting to the suggested link.

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Khaled Al Badie Dubai And His Great Workmanship http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/khaled-al-badie-dubai-and-his-great-workmanship/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/khaled-al-badie-dubai-and-his-great-workmanship/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 08:00:47 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1119 Continue reading ]]> Khaled Al Badie Dubai And His Great Workmanship

Khalid Mohammed Juan Rashid Al Badi Al Dhaheri is the Chairman of Arabian Fleet Services, Deputy Chairman of Al Badie Travel Agency, Deputy Chairman of Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance PSC and the vice president of the Al Badie group.

He is the one who is working so greatly in every sector undertaken by him. He is the perfect example of the successful director and vice president who has increased the turnover and reputation of the companies from good to great. He is the one who has made various investments in all around the world, including- India, made great tie ups to increase the security of the businesses, tie ups with other businesses and made perfect decision in various domains.

Not only this, his selection process to recruit new employees and the top delegation authority is very strict so that the best people can be appointed at work in order to increase the profit by fulfilling the requirements of the clients. The major aim of the businesses running by Mr. khaledAl Badie is- just to earn great reputation and profit only after satisfying the customers. That is why, the companies give full attention to the detailing and make sure to go with the authentic strategies in order to bring most out of it.

Khaled Al Badie Dubai is also very famous because of his strategies for doing business. He has made various policies for the businesses and suggested their team members to follow the same path. He believes in excellence, transparent approaches and authentic work in order to bring the best possible goals as soon as possible. He has completed his studies from The George Washington University, which is a very popular university and perfect in making the future leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Information About Khaled Al Badie Exposed http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/information-about-khaled-al-badie-exposed/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/information-about-khaled-al-badie-exposed/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 07:57:10 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1118 Continue reading ]]>  

Information About Khaled Al Badie Exposed

Al Badie Travel Agency is the most popular and top 5 positioned agency which is here is the market for a long years now. Its prime goal is just to offer great travelling services to the people of all local and international clients who are looking for a perfect vacation over here. It doesn’t matter whether you are a couple, individual or looking for the group tour, just connect with the professionals here and they will give you the best package.

Mr. khaledAl Badie is the vice president of the group and he makes sure that A-Z clients, no matter what their budget is, must get super cool facilities and warm welcome all the time. They always believe in delivering the best packages which will be made as per the requirements and budget of the clients. In order to meet the requirements of all, the company has made various vision and mission, including-

It really wishes to offer the best of the products and services to exceed the customer expectations. And to do so they are very serious and always ensure to alter their action plans or by replacing the same from the latest solutions. Yes, they always upgrade their services in order to get maximum ROI and satisfaction from their clients. Apart from this, they always focus in offering promptness and conformance to the customer needs and for the same they mostly in conversation with their clients time to time.

Mr. Khaled Al Badiegroup is very serious for the perfect results and to attain the same they always look forward to acquire profound knowledge of the industry. Also, they make sure in caring the environment and quality of life for the community, which makes them very perfect and different from other tour and travelling agency.





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Getting Facts About The Best KhaledAl Badie http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/getting-facts-about-the-best-khaledal-badie/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/getting-facts-about-the-best-khaledal-badie/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 07:55:02 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1117 Continue reading ]]> Getting Facts About The Best KhaledAl Badie

The Al badie group is dealing with various businesses from insurance to travelling and they are the best in each and every domain. Talking about the travelling agency of the group called- Albadie travel agency, this is the very popular agency, works with all the national and international clients successfully.

Talking more about the same travel agency, it is a part of the reputed AlBadie Group and it was founded in 1980 under the visionary leadership of Mohammed Juan Rashid Al Badie Al Dhaheri. Using the best strategies, Farsighted management and professional approach to client service the company soon become very popular and one of the leading travel agencies in the whole region.

The same travel agency is a member of the very famous group and this is the only reason why it is has got the major status of one of the top five agency among the travel and tourism industry. Another reason of its success is all about the direction of Mr. khaledAl Badie, who is the vice president of the group as well as the dedicated team who are very experienced and have vast knowledge in the tourism domain. The front and back house team is very efficient and very well know how to handle national and international clients successfully.

Not only this, they have designed the best packages under the supervision of Al Badie Group for their clients as well as can also work with the customized packages in order to offer them everything they are looking for. As the same tour company offer very professional and quality services to the various clientele of the Albadie travel agency, it is growing day by day unconditionally.

It has various branches in UAE, however, it can easily be reached offline and online. So, better try out this very famous travelling agency which is a part of the oldest group of UAE.

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Facts About KhaledAl Badie Revealed http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/facts-about-khaledal-badie-revealed/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/facts-about-khaledal-badie-revealed/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 07:51:00 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1116 Continue reading ]]> Facts About KhaledAl Badie Revealed

In the recent news, Mr. Abu Backer Al Khouri, Chairman of Aldar, Saleh Rashid Al Dhahiri, A UAE businessman, and Mr. Khalid Mohammad Al Badie, vice president and the director  of the Al Badie Group for trading and investments with other visitors just look out the projects by Al Dar. Yes, the project will be started soon on Yas Island at their pavilion during Cityscape Abu Dhabi.

It is predicted that the upcoming years will be the solid years and all businessmen including- khaledAl Badie will look up the volume of business to be 10 to 20 percent up on the last year. Not only this, they really believe that in line with what most of the banks are predicting in terms of their balance sheets. As for the overall real estate sector the CEO said that they are expecting relative stability throughout the year and for the same they are working on various projects for their substantial growth.

Not only this, they have also seen six months of stabilisation and they are moving to the period where single digit growth is going in terms of both- rental and sales prices. Khaled Al Badie Dubai is also concerned about the various projects and investing options and he is looking for something the best for ultimate growth of the business and ultimately the group.

The real estate sector CEO also said that they don’t like a lot of volatility just because it either attracts the wrong kind of buyer or sometimes it scares people off. There is also the project layout Mohammad Abdul Hakeem, the chairman of Le-Vallee Retreats has checked out by Reem Developers in Reem Island. It is also said that there is a rising rental rates offset impact of oil prices on sales as well.

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Details Of Al Badie Group http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/details-of-al-badie-group/ http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/2018/11/12/details-of-al-badie-group/#comments Mon, 12 Nov 2018 07:48:52 +0000 henrymurphy30 http://henrymurphy30.bcz.com/?p=1115 Continue reading ]]> Details Of Al Badie Group

Al Badie is a very famous group in UAE as it is working day and night since 1967. This is the group which was joined by various top level professionals and run the group nothing like anything. The group is very well running its several businesses in various sectors, like- insurance, oil and gas, construction, real estate, travelling, transportation and various others.

Coming to the Al Badie projects and tie ups, it has signed an agreement with the world security in order to expand the security at the work place and other various places. World security is the best ever company which is offering international level services to its local and international clients. Mr. Khaled – the vice president of the group and Mahmood Amin, the CEO of the world security has signed the agreement to ensure the best security and safety.

Mr. Amin said that they always seek to include in the services the latest global developments and approaches related to the security solutions industry in order to provide their clients with the best practices in this field at both individual and systems levels. And they have assured to the Al Badie group to deliver the latest technologies and tools along with well-trained manpower.

Apart from this, khaledAl Badie is very much interested in doing business with India and planning to invest around $50 billion. Yes, it is looking to develop various residential and commercial properties along with the best hotels to develop both the nations. It is searching out the best local developers for a joint venture and to generate great profit. The vice president of the group has once said that India is very important country for them to invest and they are working on various projects to make the most of the profit from the same.

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