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iLembe KZN

Bursting at the seams with beauty this sub tropical area that experiences a warm tropical climate for most of the year, invites millions all year around. People from all walks of life come to experience the cultureand amazing holiday experiences with such a variety of activities that one could find in this pleasant holiday destination. It’s no surprise as to the number of people who choose this as their holiday destination of choice. This makes it the perfect place for iLembe KZN to roll out their initiatives for growth of the economy as this is ideally the perfect place for foreign and international investors seeking to invest.

iLembe KZN is driving economic growth and development through varies projects that they are in charge of. There are variety of investment opportunities for foreign and local investors to invest in and help iLembe KZN grow the economy. Some of the projects include tourism,vineyards and winery,manufacturing and retail services along with the national school Nutrition program. KingShaka creating a holistic tourism rout with the districts aim to increase the number of visitors to this paradise to enjoy the surrounding beauty and rich culture and heritage that KZN has to offer. The Wow Zulu Market which are one of seven is aimed at creating jobs for local crafters providing the business opportunity  and creating sustainable employment for the district iLembe crafters who are running the market place .Offering information to tourist, a shop with maps and craft and introducing the tourist to the tourist attractions. There is the vineyards and winery project, which is the perfect combination of between agriculture and tourism. There is then the Manufacturing project that aims processing raw materials into finished projects  such as paper,clothing ,furniture and electrical..

There is a lot of work that iLembe KZN have to put in on a daily basis to continuously drive the different projects forward. Needingto constantly work on the promotion of the districts work through advertising and promotion and marketing. The work and initiative that is put in for the strengthening the economy though these projects are carefully strategized and planed and executed by the District. The best part of all, are the opportunities that are open to those within the district community to learn and be a part of the industry and the upliftment that these opportunities bring to the locals involved, developing skills they never had. The opportunity of that enables them to create a better life for themselves and their families.

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