Custom Badges – The Ultimate Branding Opportunity

How many times have you been to an event or a conference and noticed the badges are the most popular as they last long time and their weight and strength add apparent value. It has been said that badges are pieces of jewellery and the colourful way in which most are decorated, the choice of metal colours and need the ability to plate them with a silver or gold finish are all reasons why they should be considered a must have item for companies and community groups wanting to maximise the return on their marketing investment.

Metal badges are manufactured most commonly in two different styles. First there is die stamping which is the same process by which coins and medals are made. This is why it is said that a new coin is “struck” as the manufacturing process involved the milling of a die made of hard metal which is then placed in a stamping press which and many tonnes of pressure is used to impress the design in the die onto a softer metal such as copper, silver our in some cases gold. Most badges are stamped from copper or brass blanks which give long life to the finished product and the added weight adds to the apparent value when it is gifted to final recipients.

The other way in which custom badges which is a factor in considering their return on investment is the long life span of these simple metal creations. If a badge costs a few dollars and it lasts ten years, the sums are quite easy to calculate. And even better, the longer a lucky recipient keeps their badge on them the more their emotional attachment to it grows.

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