Promotional Bottles – Keeping Your Branding On Hand

It’s a well known fact that people can live for weeks without food but need water every day to survive. This fact and the focus from health professionals on the need to maintain personal hydration. As always the clever marketer takes advantage of social trends and personal preferences so it makes perfect sense that promotional bottles is to use them as part of a sponsorship of a local sports team. Not only will the members of the team, their relative and friends respect your organisation for the donation but the ongoing exposure of your branding will continue to inform people of your company’s social responsibility.

In these eco friendly times one of the great advantages of handing out promotional bottles to your clients and staff is that they reduce the use of disposable water bottles which are sold at retail. Further the new range of insulated bottles are a great option.

If you’re planning an event or conference one of the best products which can be given to attendees is a printed bottles  Not only does it provide a memento of your event which people will keep afterwards to remind them of the ideas they encountered, it is also a practical aid to their daily lives. Another of the advantages of branded bottles is that they have large scale branding areas available. As people carry the bottle you’ve given them around the streets people will notice the branding and inevitably the implications of the product will rub off on your brand. If you seek an eco friendly image or to create a stylish and fashionable impression then the style of bottle your choose will influence these brand attributes.

Bottles are simple devices, but they are a part of everyones’ day so it make sense to take advantage of this preference to promote your company branding. Whether you are sponsoring a local sports team, providing a handy gift to staff and clients or simply producing a retail item which will attract customers and generate profits promotional bottles are items which every company should consider and keep on hand as part of their promotional armoury.

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