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5 Simple Facts About Khaledal Badie Explained

Mr. Khaled is a renowned director and vice president who is here just to make the best profit for its business and the nation. He is managing lots of businesses together from insurance to real estate, hospitality, tour and travel, transportation, oil and gas, constructions and various others, which are not easy to manage individually. Surely, his team is well efficient and working with Mr. Khaled in order to attain all business goals without any hassle.


Mr. khaledAl Badie held the position of the vice president of the Al badie group as well as he is the member of the board of the directors and take all the minor to major decisions carefully. Talking about his non profit board, he is the director of the Abu Dhabi Chanber of commerce and industry as well as serving as the director of Emirates insurance association. It is also important to be noted that Khalid M. J. R. Al-Badie Al-Dhaheri is affiliated with Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co., Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Emirates Insurance Association.

There are various professionals who are working with Mr. Khaled Al Badie Dubai, like- Fatema O Khalifa, Rashed Al Suwaidi, Saeed Rashed Khalfan, Khaleefa Ali Mohammad and various others who are serving various positions ranging from General manager to director, vice treasurer, director evaluation and various others. Mr. Khaled has completed his studies from The George Washington University, which is the top-most university and really offer great education and knowledge in order to prepare future leaders. Yes, a lot of students have got great success and we can easily check the example of Mr. Khaled who is the director and vice chairman of various businesses and service so well in the most complex market today. His investment decisions to customer satisfaction, products and services configuration and everything is the best and a reason behind his success.


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