Details Of Al Badie Group

Details Of Al Badie Group

Al Badie is a very famous group in UAE as it is working day and night since 1967. This is the group which was joined by various top level professionals and run the group nothing like anything. The group is very well running its several businesses in various sectors, like- insurance, oil and gas, construction, real estate, travelling, transportation and various others.

Coming to the Al Badie projects and tie ups, it has signed an agreement with the world security in order to expand the security at the work place and other various places. World security is the best ever company which is offering international level services to its local and international clients. Mr. Khaled – the vice president of the group and Mahmood Amin, the CEO of the world security has signed the agreement to ensure the best security and safety.

Mr. Amin said that they always seek to include in the services the latest global developments and approaches related to the security solutions industry in order to provide their clients with the best practices in this field at both individual and systems levels. And they have assured to the Al Badie group to deliver the latest technologies and tools along with well-trained manpower.

Apart from this, khaledAl Badie is very much interested in doing business with India and planning to invest around $50 billion. Yes, it is looking to develop various residential and commercial properties along with the best hotels to develop both the nations. It is searching out the best local developers for a joint venture and to generate great profit. The vice president of the group has once said that India is very important country for them to invest and they are working on various projects to make the most of the profit from the same.

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