Facts About KhaledAl Badie Revealed

Facts About KhaledAl Badie Revealed

In the recent news, Mr. Abu Backer Al Khouri, Chairman of Aldar, Saleh Rashid Al Dhahiri, A UAE businessman, and Mr. Khalid Mohammad Al Badie, vice president and the director  of the Al Badie Group for trading and investments with other visitors just look out the projects by Al Dar. Yes, the project will be started soon on Yas Island at their pavilion during Cityscape Abu Dhabi.

It is predicted that the upcoming years will be the solid years and all businessmen including- khaledAl Badie will look up the volume of business to be 10 to 20 percent up on the last year. Not only this, they really believe that in line with what most of the banks are predicting in terms of their balance sheets. As for the overall real estate sector the CEO said that they are expecting relative stability throughout the year and for the same they are working on various projects for their substantial growth.

Not only this, they have also seen six months of stabilisation and they are moving to the period where single digit growth is going in terms of both- rental and sales prices. Khaled Al Badie Dubai is also concerned about the various projects and investing options and he is looking for something the best for ultimate growth of the business and ultimately the group.

The real estate sector CEO also said that they don’t like a lot of volatility just because it either attracts the wrong kind of buyer or sometimes it scares people off. There is also the project layout Mohammad Abdul Hakeem, the chairman of Le-Vallee Retreats has checked out by Reem Developers in Reem Island. It is also said that there is a rising rental rates offset impact of oil prices on sales as well.

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