Khaledal Badie- Vice Chairman Of Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company

Khaledal Badie- Vice Chairman Of Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company

Few names are very popular, not because of their position, but their ultimate work. Here we are going to talk about Mr. Khaled who is the vice chairman of Al Ain Ahila Insurance company as well as vice president of the Al Badie group. He is actually very famous, just because his ultimate work, strategies and business sense are completely amazing and they are the reason why he and his group is progressing so well.

Mr. khaledAl Badie is really proud to be a part of the Al Badie group as this is considered the oldest group which was founded before the UAE actually founded. Yes, its incorporation is done in 1967 in UAE and since then it is getting great growth by working for the people dedicatedly. Under the group various businesses are working, like- Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company, Arabian fleet services, Al badie travel agency, and various others which all are working very successfully. The group is looking to launching more and more businesses as well as would like to cover almost all the international market for developing nation and the group.

Mr. Khaled Al Badie Group has completed his education from The George Washington University and there only he has learnt all the skills and knowledge on how to be the best leader. Yes, his education was top-notch as the same university is really very popular and offered great leaders to the society. The George Washington University is all about perfect and high level study and Mr. Khaled has studied all the best moves and knowledge, which he has implemented in progressing many businesses.

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