The Al Badie Group Diaries

The Al Badie Group Diaries

Mr. Khaled is the vice president and director for Al Badie group and as per his best knowledge, skills and decision making process everything is working so well. The group was actually founded in 1967 and from that point of time to now, everything is changed, become very productive and successful.

Talking about its insurance company- AL AIN AHLIA INSURANCE COMPANY, it is working so well and offering ultimate plans by covering each and every sector from marine to health, aviation, engineering and others. Mr. khaledAl Badie is the director and the vice president of the group and he is focusing on the same just to increase the size of the business and make it more productive for everybody.

The insurance company is offering motor insurance policy, where they deal with the -motor comprehensive, bodily injury, property damage, orange card scheme, personal accident cover and various others. Their plans are the best to go and fully cover everything to meet the expectations of all. Apart from motor, its engineering insurance policy covers all the constructions projects which are undertaken and commencing with the advancement of technological know-how. It covers everything from contractors all risks, third party liability, machinery breakdown insurance, contractors plant and equipment insurance and various others.

Mr. Khaled Al Badie Dubai also deals with the health and life insurance policy which is very essential for anybody. Yes, the team motivated people to be a part of the same and fully covered with everything to avoid risks. There insurance plans under health and life are many, including- individual life insurance, medical insurance, group life assurance and various others. Similarly, the insurance company works with the aviation, marine, and other various sectors just to give support to the companies at the time of risks and damage. For more information, better visit to the official website suggested over here.

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