The Fundamentals Of Khaled Al Badie Revealed

The Fundamentals Of Khaled Al Badie Revealed

The Al Badie Group of companies is owned by the Al Badie family and a well established firm which doesn’t need any introduction. Yes, this group is a well-established, reputed, as well as it is multi-discipline group based in the United Arab Emirates.

It is often called by the name of the oldest group as it was founded before the foundation of the UAE, in 1967.  That was the point where the family members of the Al badie, which was very few at that time worked together and made the group very popular. At that time, there were few families, who have participated from day one, in the development of the country and the nation with the mode of the personal investments along with the development and creation of consortiums of co-investors. Mr. khaledAl Badie is the vice president of the group and working greatly in order to get great success and goodwill.

As per the current record, the Group is flourishing very well with the 1000-plus employees who are dynamically taking part in managing all the businesses under the group. There are various businesses, which are flourishing day by day under the group ranging from Property Development to Water and Electricity, Oil and Gas, Defence Projects, IT, Marine, Auto Leasing & Rental, Finance, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Manufacturing, and various others.

With the help of the Khaled Al Badie Dubai, the group is determined to strengthen business relations with carefully selected international firms. It also believes in working sophistically and logically for the people and clients satisfaction is the aim. There are various plans and programs which time to time launch so that the employees and other people related to the same can easily assure to perform things uniquely just to offer ultimate results in NO TIME and this is the only reason of its success.

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